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Announcement SkyBlock Release Date

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Hey there!

We are releasing SkyBlock this month. Yes, we know it's on the last day of January, but hey, at least we're releasing. This will bring even more surprises, including minions! Keep your eyes out for more information,

Announcement Welcome to the new site!

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Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce our new site is up and running for you to check out.
Please take in mind that this site is still new and may consist of many bugs/glitches, if so, please report them, either by
using the live chat, or our discord, please do not post threads telling us something isn't working.

Make sure to read the rules posted as well.


Announcement Server Rules & Guidelines

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We really don’t want to burden you with rules and guidelines, so we’ve tried our best to fit them all into 3 simple rules.

1. No Cheating

No Cheating, Hacking, Abusing Glitches, or doing anything that would be considered giving you, or others, an unfair advantage over other players in any way, shape, or form, or encourages others to do so. Click here for a list of allowed and disallowed modifications.

2. No harming the server or Players
No doing anything that puts the integrity of the server or player-base in jeopardy, or encourages other players to do so directly, or indirectly.

3. Be Considerate of Others
Keep other players and staff in mind when typing or interacting with others on the server. There are real people behind the screen.


Announcement Allowed & Not-Allowed Modifications

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No Cheating.
You may not use any mods or clients that would give you an unfair advantage over another player.
The following mods are NOT allowed:
  • Hacks (Force Field, Autosoup, Fly, Aimbot, Fastheal, Blink, etc.)
  • Client Cheats (Minimap, Xray, Step, Inventory Tweaks, Waypoints, etc.)
  • Texture packs (Xray Texturepacks can still get you banned!)
The following mods are allowed:
If your mod is not on this list DO NOT USE IT!
  • OptiFine
  • Armor Status
  • Direction/Coords/Potion effect status
  • Full bright/Modified brightness
  • Better Sprint
Use your brain! Moderators have the right to ban you for things not listed, don’t try and get around the rules you WILL be banned.